10 Most Common Medical Implants and Info

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It’s amazing how often people need to get implants of some sort to help them heal from an injury or ailment. Now-a-days they make implants for just about every part of the body (so a bionic man might be possible!) and below is a list of the 10 most common implants used today along with some insight on what the implants are and how they’re used to help the patient.

To my surprise I actually can pair up people I know with every, single implant on this list! That must mean they’re very common. How many do you recognize?  If you have any experience with one of these medical implants and wish to share your story please send us an email at medicaldirectionssubmissions@gmail.com.

1. Artificial Hips

Artificial Hips are medical devices or joints used in hip replacement surgeries. These are used in partial or full hip replacements. There are over 60 types of artificial hips, so do your research before you choose.

2. Heart Pacemakers

Heart Pacemakers are used to treat patients with conditions that cause abnormal heart rhythms. There are two kinds of heart pacemakers, one that triggers the chambers of the heart and another that sends an electrical pulse to the heart to control the rate and rhythm. Both types are small medical devices that get surgically implanted under the skin near the heart to help control a person’s heartbeat.

3. Breast Implants

Breast implants are devices used to reconstruct, reshape or enhance the size of a woman’s breast.  There are three types of breast implants including: saline, silicone, and composite.

4. Spine Screws, Rods and Artificial Discs

Spine screws, rods and artificial discs are all hardware used in several types of spinal fusion surgeries where two or more vertebrae are fused together.

5. IUDs (Intra-Uterine Devices)

An IUD is a small contraceptive device that is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. There are only two IUD brands available in the US. These brands of birth control are Mirena and ParaGard.

6. Metal Screws, Pins, Plates and Rods

Metal screws, pins, plates and rods are the medical hardware pieces used to repair all sorts of bone fractures. These items are used to help realign fractured bones and hold them together to allow them to heal.

7. Artificial Knees

Artificial knees are used to replace the real knee cap or joint in a patient who needs partial or total knee replacement surgery. There are several types of artificial knees and joints, so do your research if you need this type of surgery.

8. Coronary Stents

Coronary Stents are used in patients who have unstable angina or have had a recent heart attack because of blocked arteries. These stents are small tubes that are inserted into any of the arteries that supply blood to the patient’s heart. They are used to open up the artery to allow better blood flow.

9. Ear Tubes

Ear tubes are used to alleviate any severe build up of fluid in a patient’s middle ear that can’t be cured by medication. These are small tubes inserted into the ear drum. There are a variety of ear tubes on the market. Some are used on a temporary basis where others are designed for long-term use to treat chronic conditions.

10. Artificial Eye Lenses

Artificial Eye Lenses are used to replace a patient’s natural eye lense during cataract surgery. There are 4 main types of artificial eye lenses depending on the patients need and condition. The four types include: Monofocal Lenses, Astigmatic Lenses,  Monovision and Multifocal Lenses. Each offers a different type of visual result.

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