Posts made in October, 2013

In 2002, Sandra Banning’s 77-year old mother who suffered from dementia was raped at Southwood Nursing Center, a Jacksonville, Florida nursing home.  The rape was committed by Ivy Edwards, another Southwood Nursing Center resident with a history of sexual assault. Edwards’ criminal file is 13 pages long and includes 59 arrests, including child molestation and sexual assault. Research of records in 37 states has uncovered that 380 registered sex offenders live in nursing homes.  This number does not include sex offenders who are not required to register or residents with other types of criminal backgrounds.

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With Obamacare as one of the most hot-button issues in the political landscape of 2013, it’s important to consider the industry that program is trying to reform. While medical bills continue to pile for Americans, our nation continues to ask itself: is debt from medical care destined to be a permanent fixture of our economic status, one that we just accept with elder age, or is it something that we can overhaul and redefine for future generations? While Congress debates the answer to that question, the following are the stats you NEED to know about medical debt in the US.

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Contrary to the popular belief that you can contract toenail fungus by trading shoes with someone who has a fungal infection, the immune system is what makes the final call. If your immune system is intact, you could walk away unscathed.

So, where does this leave individuals with autoimmune disorders such as diabetes?

One of the reasons that nail fungus is so common among the elderly is because many elderly individuals are also diabetic.

Individuals with diabetes often find themselves in a vicious cycle once they’ve contracted nail fungus. This is because diabetes patients cannot regulate their insulin levels naturally, leading to unusually high blood-sugar levels. That’s right, sugar, he one thing that most people can’t get enough of and the one thing upon which diabetics depend without fail. Fungus is so dependent upon sugar that it could live and thrive on sugar alone- and it does.

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