Birth Control Pill Safety: Is Yaz a Safe Choice?

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Birth ControlThere are plenty of reasons why you might be thinking about taking oral contraceptives. Perhaps you want a form of birth control that is easy to take and hassle-free. Maybe you want to try oral contraceptives to control your acne, or maybe you just need to regulate your cycles. Whatever the reason, you should know that there are lots of brands out there. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of Yaz that can help you determine whether it’s a safe choice for you.

The Benefits of Yaz Birth Control

Yaz is safe if you are a healthy individual and you’re looking to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Oral contraceptives are usually a safe choice if you are planning on having unprotected sex; like other brands of oral contraceptive, if you take the pills as directed then they are 99 percent effective. That being said, it is very important to remember that oral contraceptives do not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

The Known Risks Associated With Yaz

While there are benefits to taking Yaz, you need to be aware of the risks associated with it as well. The FDA has stated that Yaz increases a woman’s chance of suffering from a blood clot; the risk of clotting is 74 percent higher with Yaz than with other brands of oral contraceptive. There are some other serious health risks known to be associated with Yaz, including strokes, heart disease, pulmonary embolisms, high blood pressure, and depression.

Since Yaz became available for purchase in 2006, there have been more than 11,000 lawsuits against Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the company that manufactures this oral contraceptive. There have been close to 100 deaths and thousands of injuries.

What You Must Consider

There are a few things you and your doctor should consider before you decide to take Yaz. You should not consider oral contraceptives at all if you are older than 35, younger than 14, obese, or a smoker. Additionally, individuals who regularly suffer from migraines, who have liver disease, or who have kidney disease should not take Yaz. Your doctor should also let you know that Yaz can react badly with other pharmaceuticals, including but certainly not limited to ibuprofen, heparin and ACE-inhibitors.

Oral contraceptives can be extremely convenient, but they’re not for everyone. Talk to your doctor about whether Yaz is safe for you. However, if you have taken Yaz and have suffered, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible about receiving financial compensation for your suffering.

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