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Healthier LifestyleThese days, humans are living longer and longer lives. While some experts believe that these extensions are primarily related to improvements in medications and invasive therapies, embracing a healthier lifestyle is also a likely factor. Individuals who want to increase the length and quality of their life should consider starting a regular exercise program, following a healthy diet, getting adequate amounts of sleep each night, and managing stress in an effective manner. For more information on healthy living philosophies, consultation with a physician or expert in the field may be beneficial.


When it comes to healthy living, exercise is considered by most experts to be a must. Physical activity not only helps in the management of weight loss and maintenance, but is also crucial when it comes to the treatment and prevention of various chronic and acute health conditions. Depending on one’s health status and their personal healthy living philosophy, the amount of exercise needed each day may vary substantially. While most people are encouraged to get at least thirty minutes of physical activity five days per week, exercising for an hour or more may provide even more substantial and long-term benefits.


Diet also plays an important role when it comes to the promotion of a healthy living philosophy. According to Web MD, people who wish to ensure the best results with their health should include lean protein, low-fat milk, whole grains, and fruits/vegetables in their diets on a regular basis. Drinking adequate amounts of water and monitoring portion size carefully can also make a difference in quality and quantity of life for those pursuing a healthy living philosophy. Men and women who have more questions about the quality of their diet may want to consider consultation with a registered dietitian or nutritionist experienced in the field of holistic health.


Lately, we have begun to hear more and more about the importance of getting enough sleep at night. Sleep not only allows our minds to relax after the numerous stressors of the day, but provides recuperation for the body, as well. Individuals who are over the age of 18 are typically encouraged to get at least eight hours of sleep each night for best overall health. Significantly lower—or higher—amounts of sleep at night can cause serious, long term health consequences, some of which may be life threatening.

Stress Management

Finally, for an optimal healthy living philosophy, including stress management techniques are key! Stress is not only linked to mental and physical exhaustion, but can also cause chronic health conditions and shorten life expectancy. Individuals who experience a great deal of stress on a daily basis may want to consider consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist to manage these serious issues. Communicating with friends/family members, participating in hobbies or other enjoyable activities, and even meditating are also great ways for individuals to decrease the effects of stress. In severe cases, the use of medications or non-invasive therapies may be recommended to prevent potential illness.

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