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Understanding Actos

Understanding Actos

Posted By on May 9, 2013

ActosTaking medications on a consistent basis can be quite difficult—especially for those who have never done so in the past. Individuals who are new to medication use often require extensive training and instruction to ensure optimal compliance. This is especially true when it comes to Actos, an important medication commonly used in the management of type II diabetes. Diabetic patients who have been encouraged to use Actos should first have a basic understanding of the product itself, how it is taken, and its side effects. Learning how to manage missed dosages is also important for those who will be taken Actos on a regular basis.

What is Actos?

Also known as pioglitazaone, Actos is an oral medication used to manage blood sugar—or glucose—levels in type II diabetic patients. While many type II diabetics fare quite well with the use of Actos alone, others may require additional assistance from insulin injections or other oral medications. In most cases, individuals who have been diagnosed with type I diabetes will not benefit from the use of Actos. Those who have more questions about this medication may want to consider consultation with a clinical pharmacist experienced in the field of diabetes management.

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