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Yasmin Heart Attack Dangers

Yasmin Heart Attack Dangers

Posted By on Jun 18, 2013

The drug Yasmin, one of the most popular birth control drugs available, is linked to heart attacks. The heart attacks oftentimes emanate from blood clots due to the increased risk of occurrence in women who take it. This is not new information and, if you have suffered a heart attack because of Yasmin, you may want to consider filing a Yaz lawsuit.


The Lawsuits

According to reporting in Bloomberg, Yasmin settlements were at $402.6 million by the summer of 2012. The drug is manufactured by Bayer, which had doubled the reserves it had set aside for these claims at the same time the report was published. The lawsuits emanate from women who don’t believe that they were warned adequately of the dangers of Yasmin even though the danger are real.


A woman using Yasmin, in fact, has a 6 to 7 times greater likelihood of developing a blood clot than a woman not using this type of birth control.

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