Yasmin Heart Attack Dangers

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The drug Yasmin, one of the most popular birth control drugs available, is linked to heart attacks. The heart attacks oftentimes emanate from blood clots due to the increased risk of occurrence in women who take it. This is not new information and, if you have suffered a heart attack because of Yasmin, you may want to consider filing a Yaz lawsuit.


The Lawsuits

According to reporting in Bloomberg, Yasmin settlements were at $402.6 million by the summer of 2012. The drug is manufactured by Bayer, which had doubled the reserves it had set aside for these claims at the same time the report was published. The lawsuits emanate from women who don’t believe that they were warned adequately of the dangers of Yasmin even though the danger are real.


A woman using Yasmin, in fact, has a 6 to 7 times greater likelihood of developing a blood clot than a woman not using this type of birth control.

The Drug

In addition to being the subject of many lawsuits, Bayer has been ordered by the FDA to put stronger warning labels on this product. Normally, consumers can count on the warning labels on pharmaceuticals to give them at least the most dangerous side effects that they may endure. Drugs that are known to be particularly dangerous are given what are called black box warnings.


The new labels will warn women that they have at least 3x the likelihood of developing a blood clot if they chose to use Yasmin or another product with the ingredient that is known to be the cause of these issues, Drospirenone.


Despite the dangers, Bayer makes a handy return on Yasmin. The company made $1.1 billion off of their contraceptive products in 2011, according to number from Bloomberg. Yasmin currently ranks number 4 in sales compared to other birth control products available in the US.


Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a Yaz lawsuit means filing a defective product claim. These claims allege that a product was defective by design, because of how it was manufactured or because it was labeled in a way that was defective. The lawsuits filed over Yaz have already netted women settlements and, as was said, the manufacturer has set more money aside for these lawsuits, though they continue to peddle the drug at the same time.


Consulting with a personal injury attorney is usually free, so that they can determine if they could represent you  and how likely you are to win. Talking to an attorney about any injuries you have suffered is the first step in filing a Yaz lawsuit and, potentially, in getting compensation.

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